5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Build Your New Fitness Website

Build Your New Fitness Website

Ready for a long, lazy summer? Too bad! If you want to make some real progress on your fitness business this year, you need to upgrade your website now. Here are five reasons why summer is your best time to build a new fitness website.

We’ve built hundreds of websites, from gyms to trainers to supplement companies to meal prep, we’ve done it all. What we’ve learned is that the third and fourth quarters are key to rapid growth, and starting at the beginning of the year is actually too late to set the pace for rapid business expansion.

No matter what your fitness business type is, the first quarter of the year isn’t ideal for reinventing your website or brand.

If you’re a fitness product manufacturer, you’re probably reeling from an exhausting fourth quarter. If you’re a trainer or gym, you’re dealing with a bunch of jokers who made new year’s resolutions and are swamping your time.

By the second quarter you’re dealing with the “summer body” push and you’re really busy servicing sales and clients (hopefully). When summer rolls around you ready for a break, right?

Too bad! You didn’t start your business just to “own your job.” You did it to expand, grow, and make more money than you could working for someone else. That’s why it’s time to buckle down TODAY and start working on your new brand/website before you blow the second half of the year doing the same old thing you did last year.

Here are five simple reasons why summer is the best time to build your brand new, kickass fitness website.

#1 You Have Time

Very few people view June or July as ideal “get into shape” time. They should… but they don’t. They’re on vacation blowing the gains that got in the spring.

This is good news for your business development; you can use the slowdown in business to really think about your brand, plan for growth, and start writing content.

#2 You Need New Revenue Streams

If you’re tired of riding the roller coaster of seasonal income, you need to add some new revenue streams. A new and capable website could open up the potential for online training, program sales, subscription revenue, affiliate marketing revenue, and product sales.

Use the summer to establish these income streams and you can kill it this year.

#3 Your Competition is Sleeping (or Working Harder Than You)

If your competitors are on vacation, you can get ahead of them (and maybe steal their clients). If your competitors are hustlin, they may be stealing yours!

Either way, if you work on getting ahead this summer you can beat the competition or at least keep up with them.

#4 You’ve Been Planning on Doing This for a While

Everyone knows that the future is online… why are you taking so long to act on that fact? Most of the time it’s because you’re too busy, but that’s probably not true in June/July.

Take advantage and spend the next 60 days doing something that will impact your business for years.

#5 It’s Too Hot to Go Out, Might As Well Stay Inside and Write

Creating a killer new brand or website takes some effort. You may have never thought about summarizing each of your services or products, their benefits, and collecting the pictures and videos you need to sell them. You also may have never written and mission statement, your vision for the future, or maybe even a bio for yourself.

A good website design team (e.g. us) will walk you through a process that will resemble a business development seminar… it’s even better though! At the end of it, you’ll have a website to show everyone.

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