A 4-Piece Complete Online Marketing System for Fitness Businesses

Online Marketing System for Fitness Businesses

This online marketing system is a lot like a fitness program. Do the work consistently, and it will work for you. Stop and/or cheat, and it’ll fail.

You’ll hear me say this time and time again: everything you do online should be reinforcing everything else you do online.

You don’t have the time, money, or resources for your online marketing system to work any other way. Even if you did have the resources (and some day you might have the money to hire out some of the tasks) it is still very important that you understand everything that you do in terms of marketing.

This system is just like a good fitness program: it requires some time and effort, but at the end of the day you only need to do a few things to make it work.

What does a good fitness program have when you break it down to its simplest aspects? It has a diet plan and a workout plan. Sure, there are more complicated aspects to it, but the person who eats properly and trains properly over a long timespan will most likely reach their goals.

This online marketing system is the same way. Set a plan, a goal, and a daily to-do list to make it happen. This chart shows exactly how simple this system really is.

Online Marketing System for Fitness Businesses


Branding is the overarching look and feel of how you present your company and content through different marketing channels. Everything should be consistent, especially at first as you launch your new branding.

This means using the same color scheme, graphics, fonts, and general “feel” of your logo and website on all platforms.


Content Marketing sounds foreign to most people, but it’s really simple and you’ve actually been doing it for quite a while. Basically, you create content, people read/watch/listen to it, then they become customers. Simple, huh?

This system requires that you consistently create content for people to consume. Consider it the “food/diet” portion of your fitness program.

The content you create will feed both your Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing efforts (hence the arrows in the chart).


Social Media Marketing will help you gain new customers and help you keep in touch with the followers you already have. Most of what you post on your social media channels will be the content you create (hence the line FROM Content Marketing).

Your end goal with your social media channels will be to drive traffic to your website (hence the line BACK TO Content Marketing).


Email Marketing is probably one of the most underrated and successful types of direct marketing you can do. It keeps you in touch with your present and future customers and will drive huge bumps in sales when you utilize it correctly.

Again, the end goal is to get traffic to your website. Your website content will feed the content of your email marketing (hence the line from Content Marketing). Your emails will then send traffic back to your content (hence the line back to Content Marketing).

That’s it! Create content, present it through social media and email marketing, get traffic, and make money. Just like a fitness program, it’s all about how hard you work and for how long.

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